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WITW Script & Lyrics

The entire 'The Wind in the Willows' Script which you are free to copy for your own use

WITW Vocal / Piano Score

'The Wind in the Willows' Vocal and Piano Score which you are free to copy for your own use

WITW Production Tracks

The Tracks to use for your actual performances.  They contain all the backings, incidental music and sound effects you will need.  Detailed track listing is in the Vocal/Piano Score.

WITW Vocal Tracks

A definitive recording of songs from the show

WITW Rehearsal Tracks

All the great songs from The Wind in the Willows with vocal tunes played on organ and guitar. Great for those who learn better by ear than by eye! There are no vocals on these tracks.

WITW Single Performance Licence

This is your permission to perform the show.
e.g. If you are planning 3 performances you need to purchase 3 of these.

WITW Production Notes

A guide to staging; costumes; lighting; music and more...